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How the Wealthy Invest In Real Estate and It Has Nothing to Do with Touching a House

Fixing and flipping houses is supposed to be about scooping up great deals, turning quick profits, and taking home huge checks to live the wealthy real estate investor lifestyle…rinse & repeat…right?

After all that’s what the fix and flip shows tell us…ummm feel like you’re missing something?

Well this might confirm your suspicions…a recent 2019 US HOME FLIPPING REPORT shows profits & return on investment investing in houses has plunged.

A realization I came to a while ago told me the rich invest in real estate different than what’s taught by most

I mean really…when is the last time you saw a truly wealthy real estate investor deal with contractors on rehabs or tenants & toilets?

…the truth is the majority of those that generate substantial wealth & income from real estate don’t do it through investing in houses.  But why?

One…there are too many competitors beating each other up chasing the same thin deals…

Also, reno costs are up…not to mention finding and keeping good contractors is almost impossible…

As we all know…flipping a house is a continuous struggle to put out fires causing one costly delay after another…But it gets worse...

Dan Genzel is a serial real estate entrepreneur who both serves as a strategic partner for private clients and owns millions of dollars of commercial real estate

IF…you happen to find a deal that makes sense…after everyone that has their hand out gets paid AND Uncle Sam gets his cut – you walk away with so little…and you’re questioning if the small profit was even worth it

Your fix & flip business is on shaky ground causing serious doubt it will be able to provide for you and your family

I’ve been there, lying awake at night thinking…I love real estate, but this IS NOT what I signed up for - desperately hoping there was a better way!

I too was at a point perhaps like you where I lost hope that investing in houses was going to provide me the future I was looking for

If you’re nodding your head even a little…you’ll be happy to hear you’re not alone…there is a better way to INVEST in real estate – one that builds “real” wealth and reliable income streams you can plan your future around…WITHOUT TOUCHING A HOUSE!

I urge you to put your phone on silent and pay attention because there is no other real estate business where you can ethically bribe people to pay your monthly property expenses (including amortizing mortgage) AND give you the excess cash left over every month…

This investing strategy is different than fix & flips and buy & holds…wholesaling/bird-dogging or anything like that – it’s much simpler and is focused on real estate investing fundamentals which haven’t changed in a really, really long time – buying real estate “right” and maximizing cash flow.

I remember my first deal using this strategy like it was yesterday – my hand was literally shaking at the closing table from the feeling I regained my love for real estate because and I finally found the right strategy – one I could repeat over and have the success investing in real estate I knew I could

…because you are a successful investing in houses, I know you can make the small shifts needed to do the same

Best news is that this type of real estate is everywhere, probably in your back yard, and these transactions are much easier to do as compared to flipping houses and by buying just one of these deals can set you on a path of realizing the dreams you had when you first became a real estate investor

As a matter of fact, this real estate investing method is responsible for my mid eight-figure real estate portfolio…all starting with one small deal – and I’ll prove it to you

Like they say – I really do believe you might be 3 feet from gold…you owe it to yourself to check it out…

By the way, if you are having some success flipping houses…GREAT…this type of real estate investing will compliment your residential investing business and help you DIVERSIFY your assets – which is always a good thing!

This is the first time I’m revealing this real estate investing strategy to MULTIPLY CAPITAL outside of my 1 on 1 clients. I’m a man on a mission to teach a small handpicked group of investors what took me over 10 years to perfect…my personal involvement will never be greater.

If you want to talk more about the real estate strategy the wealthy use to amass real estate fortunes, at the end of this post there is a link where you can tell me about the real estate business you have and more importantly the one you want to create. Then, in a video, I’ll explain the why and how of this lucrative real estate investing, reveal some case studies and share how it’s benefitted me and others.

If you are looking for “the” real estate investing strategy to build your balance sheet this could be the best time you’ve spent “on” your business in a long time.

…I envy you.  I wish I could experience what you are about to.  I’ll have to settle for the look on your face when I show you what’s possible for your real estate business!

There is no other business where I can compel a group of strangers (tenants in my commercial investment property) and compel them (via the written Lease) to in effect pay the property monthly expenses , including amortizing mortgage (via Rent) and then hand over to me what's left over to do with as I please...PLUS these same strangers will have paid off the debt on my property in about 20 years
Founder and CEO

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