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The Napkin Project:
My Commercial Real Estate Investing Strategy Revealed

Imagine written on an ordinary cocktail napkin created late one evening with an investor is the commercial real estate investing strategy (I call it My "Algo") that has made me and my investors millions of dollars. I want to share this investment model with you today...     

My name is Dan Genzel and I want to share with you my commercial real estate investing strategy...the exact same strategy that has allowed me to acquire and develop almost $100,000,000 of commercial real estate in a relatively short period of time.

It's a simple fact it's so simple I fit it on a napkin!

The premise of My Algo is buying commercial real estate below intrinsic value and investing the human and financial capital needed to turn the property around and bring massive value enhancement to the stakeholders.  After the value is increase a re-finance event usually happens and as much capital as possible is returned to the investors lowering our basis in the investment.  Then at the opportune time the property is sold and the balance of the equity is unlocked.  Typically we turn around an do it again.

Dan Genzel is a serial real estate entrepreneur who both serves as a strategic partner for private clients and owns millions of dollars of commercial real estate

At the end of the day with my investors, I sell them equity stakes in my deal where I pay them a dividend like annual return to be patient for capital appreciation down the road i.e. they are getting paid to wait to make much more money at a future date.  I don't know many investment options like this.  I've done it time and time and time again.

You've read this far probably for one of two reasons.  You've heard about the lucrative income streams in commercial real estate and want to participate.  That's the beauty of commercial real estate  - it works no matter where you are in life because of the income it produces.  Want to generate extra income while you are in your 30's and 40's - no problem.  Want to create fixed income when you slow down of retire - got you covered.  You probably don't know where to start...But let me tell you you just can't afford to make mistakes dabbling in commercial real estate. Luckily there is a different way.  Join my inner circle and I will educate you in the right way to invest in commercial real estate OR explore investing alongside me in one of my deals.  I'm proud to say I have NEVER lost a dime for a investor and would be happy to prove that to you.  My question is what's stopping you from becoming my next investor?

There is no other business where I can compel a group of strangers (tenants in my commercial investment property) and compel them (via the written Lease) to in effect pay the property monthly expenses , including amortizing mortgage (via Rent) and then hand over to me what's left over to do with as I please...PLUS these same strangers will have paid off the debt on my property in about 20 years
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