Hi, I'm Dan Genzel

If you knew much about me, you would know I don't like to talk much about myself...I'm much more curious about the results you're after. But my marketing team tells me I need to so here it goes... 

I started my career as a commercial real estate intern - then became broker in the late 90's.  Truth be told - I wasn’t a very good intern.  I wanted to jump into doing deals right away and was less than focused on doing the "little" things an intern normally does because I had my eyes on the big picture.  As a broker, I quickly learned the business was all about marketing and forming relationships. I subsequently earned the coveted CCIM designation in 2002 which is has been touted as a MBA in commercial real estate.  After doing hundreds of transactions as a broker on behalf of others, I wanted to be on the other side of the table – a commercial real estate investor.

I remember it like it was yesterday, as a commercial real estate broker I put my first real estate syndication together...my hand was literally shaking at the closing table – not from nervousness but the fact that I was going to become wealthy investing in commercial real estate.  Since then I have structured over 30 successful multi-million dollar real estate acquisitions & developments where I have delivered my investors above market returns 100% of the time...averaging over 20%.

When you get really good at something people seek you out.  In 2012 my advisory business was born and on a select basis I help established real estate entrepreneurs and investors implement strategies to accomplish their desired outcomes using a done with you approach. Why, as a accomplished investor do I mentor and advise others...

…the reasons are mostly self serving

A close 2nd place to the feeling I get walking out a real estate closing having just purchased another property is the feeling my private clients share when they do the same…I love getting those phone call and emails

Becoming a strategic advisor/partner to my clients is my way of diversifying. I just doesn’t make any sense for me to go out and buy a sub franchise.

Last, in some cases, my clients and I will “club in” on deals together. I find, structure and close the deal and they invest passively alongside me. Before this happens I want them to have a foundation of education in commercial real estate investing.

Today, I spend my time doing predominately value add commercial real estate deals, managing assets and helping others with their real estate businesses & portfolio.

Praise from those that I have been fortunate enough to do business with

There is no other business where I can bring a group of strangers together (tenants in my investment property) and compel them (via the written Leases) to in effect pay the month operating expenses (via Rent) of MY property [including amortizing mortgage and property manager costs] and then hand over what's left over at the end of the month (cash flow)...PLUS...these very same strangers will have paid MY property off in about 20 years

-Dan Genzel



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