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Do I Need to Have Money to Invest in Commercial Property?

On a pretty regular basis I help real estate investors do commercial real estate deals using mostly other peoples money. This is how I got started as a commercial real estate broker. Why I won't say it's impossible, if you don't have any capital it would be difficult to get yourself into an ownership position in a deal. There are other profitable strategies to use to profit from commercial real estate if you don't have any capital to contribute. Message me here to start a conversation on this.

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How Do I Find Properties?

Finding good deals is a process. You could air drop me into any city in the US and with a cell phone I will generate good deals inside 45 days. Specifically building a networks of deal providers and then putting a system in place to build that relationship is critical. I have a back end system that creates an authority building website for my commercial real estate business, captures opportunities from deal providers and communicates with them on a mostly automated basis. For more information on this reach out to me.

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How Do I Know I Have a Good Deal?

My rule is to be cynical at best paranoid at worst dealing with sellers of commercial real estate and their brokers. My nature is to trust people, but I do need to verify what I'm being told. Evaluating the physical and economic conditions of the property, what's the highest and best use for the property, and what's the useful life of the building and what's the likelihood that the revenue and expenses are what they are in the future is all part of the due diligence to be done. Want to talk about a deal your evaluating...reach out to me.

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What Are the Steps to Complete a Purchase?

Closing a commercial real estate transaction is like hearding cats. During the time you get an accepted Offer, you have to keep everyone committed to the deal and convince others to help you get it closed. It's a process to get a deal closed. The Seller needs to do what they are supposed to do before closing, lenders need to be ready to fund your loan, equity sources need to be lined up and you plan need to be put in place to transition from the Seller to your ownership. I use what's called a critical control calendar to track this. Learn More here.

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Can You Help Me?

We can probably help you...reach out and we can start a conversation.

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