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Hi, I'm Dan Genzel

Founder of BossBabesWin, Past Student

"Oh man! Where can I begin? My business was really suffering from my own obsessive thinking. I was always wondering if I said the wrong thing, if my clients would just drop my services but after my one-on-one coaching with Amelia, I felt like a new person. Now, my clients are telling me that they get inspired by my confidence and the way I approach business... I have no words for what she's done for me!"

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Discovery | Rewiring | Reclaiming


In this session, I get to discover more about you and why you think the way you do. This is important because the very essence of the things you do everyday lie in deepest parts of your subconsience.


The next step is to undo all the hard-wired components of your bad mindset and this involves undoing wrong thinking, bad habits and anything else that is detrimental to you seeing yourself in a positive light.


This is the step where we reclaim your mindset so you're always ready to take on new challenges and win the day.

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