The Most Consistent and Reliable Way To Create Wealth Is to Multiply Capital Using Investment Real Estate

Where else can I compel a group of strangers to come together (via leases) and in effect pay the monthly operating expenses (including amortizing mortgage) of ME property and then at the end of the month hand over to ME the cash flow left over...PLUS...these same people will pay off MY property in about 20 years.

I choose commercial real estate. Dan Genzel

Commercial Real Estate Investing On-demand Training

During the presentation, I'll reveal the "WHY" of commercial real estate investing...PLUS..."HOW" to buy your first commercial property. You'll gain clarity on starting with one (small) commercial property you'll be in complete control of your financial future.



How the 1% Invests in Real Estate without Touching a House

Fixing and flipping houses is supposed to be about scooping up great deals, turning quick profits and taking home huge checks right? Cue screeching record. Read this for the truth and a better way to invest in real estate.


The Process to Closing Your First Commercial Real Estate Investment

In this short video, I discuss the path towards finding, structuring and closing your first (small) commercial real estate deal and how just starting with one deal you can be on a path of financial freedom.


The Anatomy of a Commercial Real Estate Deal

In this podcast, I run through the Anatomy of a commercial real estate deal. The different commercial real estate investing strategies, the different types of commercial real estate and how you can take advantage.

Typical Deal

My Typical Investment

In this video, I do a walk through on how I evaluate a potential "value add" commercial real estate syndication and how I package it for investors including the walk through on how I present the opportunity


Current Property

Whitewater Plaza is a commercial real estate "syndication" consisting of a retail center across from a university that has survived 9/11, the Great Recession and Covid-19. This property is a core holding in the portfolio


Current Offering

Crossroads Center is commercial real estate investment that's being evaluated. See how I find, evaluate and structure potential deals and how i package deals for passive investors to invest alongside me

Watch This Quick Video To See How Commercial Real Estate Can Be Your Preferred Retirement Tool

What Investor & Clients Are Saying:

Dan Genzel is a leading industry expert when it comes to commercial real estate. His track record of deals completed and knowledge of how to get deals done is bar none. His coaching and mentoring programs have not only been a benefit to me personally, but also to all those I have referred to him. I highly recommend Dan if you need a mentor/advisor in the commercial real estate space.

Kurt Nederveld

President Rainstar Capital Group

Dan has always proven himself as a knowledgable and honest business associate. He is well versed in the real estate business and the decisions he mades on behalf of others are with everyones best interests in mind. I have been an investor in Deans deals and recommend him very highly and have always appreciated my business relationship with him.

Kelly Moore

Small Business Owner Private Investor

I invited Dan to a real estate classes I teach at Arizona State University to discuss a real world perspective...and what it take to succeed in the real estate industry. Dan was able to use the depth of his experience and his understanding of the industry...I recommend Dan for anyone who is interested in learning about the real estate investing business. Dan is someone who has the experience and walks the walk.

Michael Bronska

Professor at Arizona State University

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